Peppermint Essential Oil

Mmmmmm Peppermint! This oil has a very distinctive smell. For centuries it has been used to soothe digestive problems and to help freshen breath. We see it used commonly today in toothpaste and chewing gum, but I love it for helping to soothe away a headache or for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up and re-energiser.

The essential oil is extracted from the whole plant using stem distillation and a good quality oil has a high menthol content.

Primary benefits

  • Promotes healthy respiratory function
  • Alleviates stomach upsets
  • Oral health


  • Diffuse to help clear a stuffy nose.
  • DiluteĀ and rub a small amount on temples to help alleviate a head ache.
  • Dilute and apply to the stomach area to relieve symptoms of upset.
  • Put a drop in your diffuser or inhale directly from the bottle to energise you. This is great for that mid-afternoon energy dip!

A note on dilution;

Between 1% and 5% dilution is usually recommended depending on the age of the person and the volume to be used on the body, (eg, use 1% on children and in full body application, but a higher percentage would be ok for topical use on a specific body part). I like to use sweet almond oil as a carrier to dilute my essential oils in.

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