Natural support for hayfever

I love everything about Spring time….. except hay fever! It can make you feel totally rubbish, and apparently approximately 20% of the population suffer from it! (1) The symptoms of a runny nose, itchy eyes and mouth and feeling congested and tired are the result of the immune system overacting to pollen and producing histamines. The histamines are designed to protect the body from toxicity and pathogens and unfortunately if we have too many toxins in our environment, we can become over sensitive to pollen, dust and pet hair.

My friend Vanessa, at The Life Sutra, has written a great article on how she rebalanced her gut bacteria, strengthened her immune system and got rid of her hay fever. If you suffer with hay fever then I would strongly recommend that you check out her article here.

Vanessa recommends the following;

  •  Cutting out inflammatory foods such as sugar and grains,
  •  Increasing your intake of healthy probiotics from fermented foods or capsules. (I recommend Renew Life, which are the best quality I have seen on the market in the UK).
  • Consuming plenty of bone broth to heal and seal the gut. (I have a recipe here).

In addition, here are some other natural remedies and tips to help support the body during hay fever season;

  • Lemon Essential Oil – inhalation is best to help support the respiratory system and strengthen the immune system. Lemon is a natural antihistamine. Diffuse a couple of drops or inhale direct from the bottle. I have personally found that this works really well. (Buy it here).
  • Other essential oils like peppermint and eucalyptus can also be diffused to ease sinus congestion.
  • Raw honey from local bees provides the body with very low levels of local pollen, which the body can build up a resistance to over time.
  • Juicing an apple, half a lemon and a big chunk of ginger makes a fantastic immune boosting drink. My hubbie and I are slightly addicted to this as our morning wake up!
  • Vacuuming! (boring I know!) but regular vacuuming will help to reduce pollen, pet hair and dust mites in the home.
  • Reduce exposure to household chemicals by using natural cleaning products, and allowing fresh air into the house. This will help reduce the toxic load on the body and thus help to calm the immune response. Check out the Remedies section of my website for natural cleaning ideas.


When using Essential oils, I refer you to the list of contraindications here. Please check these and do not use any oils where any contraindications listed might apply to you.

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4 Responses

  • Donna

    Raw honey works a treat! My daughter heard about it and we used if for her hayfever, within a few days it was gone – who would have thought??!!

    • Nicola

      Brilliant! Glad it worked and so quickly too!

  • Jo Romero

    Eucalyptus oil is what we turn to, whenever anyone has a sniffly nose – and a hot shower with lots of steam, too! I had a seasonal allergy where every spring I’d get a weird dry cough for a few months – every year like clockwork. It hasn’t happened this year, but I did find sipping on fresh ginger root in hot water worked a treat! Great information, thanks for the post 🙂

    • Nicola

      Thanks for your comments Jo, its always nice to hear other people’s experiences. Good tip re the Ginger!


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