Lemon deodorant

Did you know that most conventional deodorants contain harmful ingredients, blocking your pores with ‘antiperspirant’ when you need to sweat to remove toxins from the body? Continuous use of these chemicals over time may lead to chronic illness. Please check the ingredient list on your deodorant even if it is meant to be a ‘natural’ one – you will be surprised at what is in some of them!

One of the worst offenders is aluminium, which is now believed to be a contributing factor in Alzheimer’s Disease, (1)

But here is the great news! Having tried many different brands of organic and eco-friendly deodorants, I finally found something amazingly cheap and simple that really works, (thanks to the advice of my friend Vikki at Ugly Apples ), and that is Lemon Juice!  That is it people – just lemon juice. Squeeze a bit out onto your pits and off you go – clean and fresh all day. I tried it in the summer and it was great.

Not convinced? I have heard good reviews about the new deodorants sold by Neal’s Yard, and they are all free of aluminium and other nasty chemicals – check them out here.


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  • Carmyl

    My husband natural body odour was really strong until I asked him not to use soap on his pits. And he did stop, the body odour improved. Commercial cheap soaps kills the good bacteria on the skin and every time the skin microbiome is messed up, the odour returns. I exercise a lot but I don’t have strong body odours is because I don’t use soap when I shower. If I do use soap it will be from neal’s yard. Carmyl

    • Nicola

      Thanks for your feedback on this Carmyl.
      We only use castile soap to wash with and seems to be ok. I have another friend who just uses water and said the exact same thing, so I think it is worth a try – I will let you know!


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