Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender oil has been used for centuries to aid relaxation and sleep, and as a perfume, but it has some additional uses which may surprise you.

Did you know that lavender not only calms the mind, but can be used to calm skin irritations too, and offers support against seasonal allergies?

Benefits and Uses;

  • Add a few drops to your pillow at bedtime for a restful night sleep;
  • Diffuse at times of stress to help reduce feelings of anxiety;
  • Use in wardrobes and clothes draws to repel moths;
  • Soothing to skin irritations, including insect bites;
  • Eases muscles tension in head and neck area

When used on the skin, always dilute appropriately in a carrier oil. Between 1% and 5% dilution is usually recommended depending on the age of the person and the volume to be used on the body, (eg, use 1% on children and in full body application, but a higher percentage would be ok for topical use on a specific body part).

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