Frankincense Essential Oil

It seems fitting at this time of year to talk about Frankincense, one of the gifts the wise men gave to the baby Jesus. It is the holy oil in incense burned in catholic churches and used in many other religious practices throughout the world.

Frankincense oil comes from the resin of the Boswellia carterii and Boswellia sacara trees.

It is believed that it can help focus energy and concentration and as such, some say it is a good oil to use to help connect with the spirit world and higher beings.

Uses and benefits:

This oil also has many practical uses too;

  • Anti-ageing (add a few drops to your favourite pot of moisturiser to help reduce signs of ageing).
  • Immune boosting, (dilute and apply to soles of feet).
  • Soothing to skin irritations such as insect bites.
  • Brain ageing and memory related issues (it can pass between the blood-brain barrier)
  • Skin healing and helpful in cell regeneration.
  • Anti-inflammatory effects can be beneficial for someone suffering with arthritis.
  • Can help break down phlegm and mucus, (dilute and apply direct to chest or diffuse aromatically).
  • Can stimulate the digestive tract and aid in digestion, (dilute and apply to stomach or diffuse).

When used on the skin, always dilute appropriately in a carrier oil. Between 1% and 5% dilution is usually recommended depending on the age of the person and the volume to be used on the body, (eg, use 1% on children and in full body application, but a higher percentage would be ok for topical use on a specific body part).

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