Easy Buckwheat Bread

I’m in the process of reading Dr Rangan Chatterjee’s book, The 4 Pillar Plan (which I highly recommend to anyone wanting to improve their health using simple, natural solutions) – you can buy it here

In his book he recommends cutting out refined and processed foods (a very sensible idea) and suggests that a way to do this is to avoid purchasing anything with more than 5 ingredients listed.

As a family, we are pretty good on this front, but recently got into the habit of buying gluten-free bread. This is mainly because recipes generally haven’t worked that well, or they contain something like almond flour which we cant use in school lunches. But gluten-free bread bought from the shops generally contains over 20 ingredients – highly processed with a long shelf life – urgh!

So, I was delighted when my mum found Dr Chatterjee had posted his own recipe for buckwheat bread, which we have tried and its a hit! Woop woop! It takes a bit of forward planning but it is worth it for a crumble-free 5 ingredient bread, and it works out cheaper than the shop bought loaves I was buying too.

I am not taking credit for the recipe, the link here:


Just a couple of notes from my experience:

I have used brown linseed rather than golden linseed and this has worked well. We also tried the chia seed option but personal preference was linseed.

The recipe doesn’t include the addition of seeds specifically but they make the bread more interesting and add to the flavour. I sprinkled a large handful into the batter.

Don’t omit the salt – I did this accidentally and although the bread came out fine, it got the thumbs down from my lot in terms of flavour.

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