BEST Insect Repellent!

I don’t know whether it is because we have a lot of green space where we live, but this time of year I am driven mad by flies buzzing around in the house! (Correction, I WAS driven mad, until I discovered this…..)

I have tried all sorts of herbal concoctions over the years to deter these buzzing beasties from coming indoors, but the good news is that what I have found is far easier and cheaper than any of these, and it actually works!

I give you Citronella Essential Oil. Diffuse a few drops of this, and you can have all your doors and windows wide open without fear of being infested with flies – hooray! It also has an added bonus of being a room deodoriser as well.

I buy my citronella here.


Please note that I am recommending using this oil in an electric diffuser or atomiser. Do not apply directly to sensitive or damaged skin. There are reports of contact sensitisation and dermatitis caused by dermal application, so take care!

You can buy a diffuser here.



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