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After a successful career in Corprate IT I left the stressful demands of business life to start a family, and was blessed with two beautiful daughters who are now young adults.  From the very early stages of pregnancy, and later on attending appointments with my girls, I found myself incredibly frustrated with the numerous doctors visits, only to be given antibiotics for everything.  My daughters would not be getting any better, and on some occasions they were actually worse after prescribed medications.  Thus started my journey of investigation into natural healing.

Fast forward 22 years to date, and I find myself qualified, certified and very well studied in many holistic therapies and disciplines. Health Kinesiology, Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki, Crystals, Yoga, Meditation, and Spiritual Awakening plus many, many hours of self-study and realization through ‘walking my own talk’.

I now run a successful practice in Woodley, Reading where I am totally dedicated to achieving the best personalized healing protocols for everyone who wish to take back control back for their well being.  Treatments are for people of all ages, from pregnant mum’s, babies, toddlers, teenagers, adults and the older generation.  Compassionately, holistically, and effectively bringing back robust health through Health Kinesiology.

Healing is very simple really, it is about recognizing the subtle messages that the body sends us through pain, tiredness and other methods, and then matching up the right healing protocol to bring about change and healing.  However, there is so much miss information and confusion in the media these days, about what really does constitute a healthy lifestyle, it can be difficult to know where to start. Everyone is unique and therefore every session is personal to that individual, and every treatment session I do ensures the best possible outcome for all.

Treatments are gentle, non invasive and confidential backed up and supported by documentation and access to ask questions afterwards.  Included in the Health Kinesiology treatment is information and insight on how best to achieve an energy packed, robust lifestyle based on each person individual Human Design.  This is fully explained at the beginning of the session, with chart and full documentation emailed on for future reference.

I understand how life is stressful and extremely demanding these days, so I am more than happy to chat with people about their health issues and concerns, without any obligation whatsoever to book an appointment.  Sometimes a chat, which offers reassurance or suggestions, is all that is needed.

Warmest Wishes to All

Su Mills AFHT, Dip F.S.

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