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My Living Water UK are the producers of Libby Chan, a probiotic liquid that contains lactic acid and bacteria.

Libby Chan is an all natural product that harnesses the power of friendly bacteria to clean and restore balanced, healthy home environments.

We firmly believe chemicals in the home are responsible for many modern day ailments. From life-threatening illnesses to the huge increase in allergies such as asthma and eczema suffered by children.

Chemical cleaners do not discriminate between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria, destroying them all and leading to our homes becoming detrimental to our long term health. They are no longer balanced environments with bad bacteria reappearing quicker than before and becoming more resistant with each generation. Libby Chan is full of friendly bacteria which crowd out the bad and starve them of resources, making it more effective than any chemical or other ‘green’ cleaner.

I can personally vouch for Libby Chan, we love it! It is the only thing I clean my kitchen worktops with and also use it in the bathroom. It has also been a great way to degrease the oven. The cleaner concentrate isn’t expensive and it lasts for ages – it is well worth a try.

Buy their cleaner concentrate and check out their other awesome products here.



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