The Natural Approach to Essential Oils - Jane Lawson

My friend Jane Lawson, Clinical Aromatherapist and teacher, has just published a fantastic book about using essential oils to heal and improve your emotional wellbeing. Her book is designed for both the lay person and aromatherapy practitioners. Brilliant! Its on my Christmas list.

Here is what the blurb on the back says;

At last! A book about essential oils which presents you the reader with a working model that you can apply on a daily basis to heal, clarify and improve your emotional and mental well being and your relationships. As you work through these first three elements be amazed at how your physical health improves. When you begin to use the relevant essential oils within the physical section of the book, the dreams and aspirations you have held for a more fulfilling life become more of a possibility. By using the relevant oils to you in this section you begin to manifest your dreams into reality! Each of the 55 essential oils are presented in a unique and positive way so that you the reader can relate each oil to your own personal life experiences, and therefore through the oils chose where you want to be at, not stuck where you are now.

Get your copy from Amazon here

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Jane Lawson
Jane Lawson

Thank you so very much for your write up Nicola. I hope you and your followers enjoy reading and using the book.