Himalayan Salt Lamp benefits

Himalayan Salt Lamps featured on our Christmas present list this year and I am so pleased we finally have some in our home, I wanted to share the benefits with you.

Clean, fresh air

The lamps are made of a large chunk of pure Himalayan salt with a small light bulb inside. When the bulb is switched on, the salt warms up and attracts moisture to its surface. This moisture usually carries with it pollutants from the air in our homes (such as dust, pollen and mould spores), which are then absorbed by the lamp as the moisture evaporates.

Because these allergens are removed from the air, it should help those who suffer with hay fever or asthma.

Neutralises electromagnetic radiation

When the salt lamp gets warm it releases negative ions into the air. These then bind with the positive ions that are created by electronic equipment (Televisions, Wifi, mobile phones, tablets etc). There are numerous studies (1 and 2 for example) now that show that long term exposure to electromagnetic radiation can be harmful to health, causing amongst other things, fatigue, stress and a reduced immune response as well as potentially more serious and chronic conditions. So reducing the impact by neutralising the positive ions should have an impact on the wellbeing of the body.

Increased energy levels

Because positive ions sap our energy, it makes sense that neutralising and reducing them in our environment will have a positive impact on our energy levels. Similarly, taking a walk outside and spending time in nature is so good for us, because the earth, plants and trees also produce negative ions that help to rebalance us.

Mood enhancer

Drs M Terman and JS Terman at Columbia University studied the effects of negative ions on Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) (3) and found that treatment reduced the frequency and severity of symptoms. Therefore logically, the use of a salt lamp, which emits negative ions should also enhance our mood.

Better sleep

Another conclusion taken from the above study is that negative ions help us to sleep better. This is because they promote alpha brain waves and an increase in brain wave amplitude. These both create an increased sense of calm which helps us to achieve REM sleep more quickly.

Negative ions also increase the levels of Melatonin in the body which are needed to balance the circadian rhythm for good sleep.

Neither of our little ones like sleeping in darkness, so we have started using salt lamps in their bedrooms as night lights. The pale pinky / orange glow they emit has the smallest effect on melatonin production of all light waves, so these are the best colour night lights to have. An in-depth study in the Journal of Neuroscience shows that blue light is the most disruptive to our sleep, (this is light emitted by all our electronic devices). (4)


Want to know where you can buy Himalayan Salt Lamps? I recommend the Amazing Himalayan Salt Company. Arun Lotay is passionate about the benefits of Himalayan Salt and will be able to talk to you at length about how the lamps work. There has been some negative press recently about the safety of certain lamps that are not fitted with fuses. Arun worked with Trading Standards a number of years ago to produce a lamp lead that is safe. His lamps are designed to remain on continuously, and any surge in power will just blow the fuse in the plug, not your lamp!

If you buy from Arun, make sure you use the promotion code ‘Nudi-gift’ at check out and Arun will send you some extra chunks of salt. These can be used to make detox baths or sole – check out this video to see how;


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