When I started out to make a real change to our diet, I found breakfast initially a real challenge! It needs to be quick and easy and something everyone likes as well as being nutrient dense so that we start the day off on the right foot.

We have mostly all grown up on cereal and toast with fruit juice. If you are eating conventional cereals then the chances are they are loaded with sugar as well gluten. Not a good slow burner, and guaranteed to give you a crash mid-morning.

I decided to put together a list of 20 recipes (some are mine, others from my favourite bloggers) that got the thumbs up from the Nicholson clan! Where there is baking involved, don’t forget you can make them the night before.

1. Beetroot Muffins! My son’s favourite, packed full of essential vitamins and minerals.









2.Banana coconut pancakes! My favourite for a Saturday morning.








3.Lemon Breakfast cookies! (These never last long in our house as they get eaten for snacks too!)








4. Chocolate Smoothie I’m a bit of a chocoholic, but indulge guilt-free with this recipe!)









5. Honey Muffins Nutrient dense, these will keep you full until lunchtime)








6. Almond Bread  I don’t eat conventional bread anymore and this is a really filling, great tasting alternative.









And here are some ideas from friends and fellow bloggers;

7.Banana, Coconut Breakfast pancakes – I have already linked to this recipe above, as this is what I adapted to make my pancakes. They are a great addition to your breakfast menu. During the week, I make my batter up the night before and leave it in the fridge. Check out Vanessa’s website, The Life Sutra for more healthy GAPS recipes!

8.Banana, Almond Butter and Cinnamon Porridge – from the lovely Donna at eighty20nutrition. This recipe is easy to make, nutritious and filling, and 100% grain free.

9.Broccoli and Berry Porridge – from Laura at Life by Laura – I LOVE this recipe because she grates unwanted broccoli stalks into it – and I love to make use of these – what a great start to the day!

10.Quinoa and Buckwheat – gluten free Bread from the  Lunchbox Doctor – this is a great recipe, both for breakfast and lunches. Its naturally gluten free and nut free too, so no worries for school packed lunches!

11. Simple Carrot Cake Bircher-Style Brekkie – a simple and quick museli style breakfast from Jo at Fitness, Food & Fiction

12. Fruits of the Forest Baked Oats – from Amie at Fitness Forster this is quite a rich breakfast but would also make a fantastic pudding! I would personally substitute the agave nectar for coconut nectar or maple syrup.

For something savoury with eggs, check these out:

13.Grain-free Waffle Toast – another one from Donna – healthy waffles! What is not to like? (I’m trying out lots of waffle experiments at the moment, so keep your eyes peeled for more waffle recipes coming soon!

14. Crashed Eggs with Potatoes and Tomatoes – from Ceri over at Natural Kitchen Adventures – easy and delicious!

15. Shakshuka – from Jo, at Comfort Bites. Her blog is a great place for looking for healthy breakfasts. Jo also has a good story to tell about how clean eating can make a massive impact on your health.

16.Paleo Portabello Mushroom Burger – I love the idea of using a mushroom as a burger bap – another great idea from Jo! Probably one for the weekend.

And a few favourite recipes from across the pond:

17. Caveman Crunch – we love this grain-free ‘cereal’ recipe from George at the Civilised Caveman just be really careful not to overcook it!

18.Overnight Oatmeal – a delicious, high fibre porridge to set you up for your wintery day! Thanks to Dr Josh Axe for this warming winner!

19.Gut-Healing Smoothie – we could all do with taking a bit more care of our guts! Check  out this awesome recipe, again from the lovely Dr Josh.

20.Grain-free flat bread with spinach and eggs – from  Katie at Wellness Mama, this recipe is easy to make and full of high density nutrition!



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