Play with dirt!

Did you know that our bodies are made up of more bacterial cells than human cells? (10 times more!) Our bodies rely on a good balance of healthy bacteria (not just in our guts, but on our skin too) to be able to function at their best. Exposure to soil […]

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What do I feed my kids?

What do I feed my kids? People often ask me this question and it is something that has evolved over time, but we have some basic principles that we try to stick to; Organic I don’t want my children exposed to unnecessary pesticides, antibiotics or hormones. These can all disrupt […]

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What is in my skincare products?

Have you ever read the ingredients list on your shower gel or facial moisturiser? If you have, the chances are you will be confused by many of the items listed! Unfortunately a lot of labelling isn’t just confusing, it can be misleading too. We all assume that products labelled as […]

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Sweet enough?

Most people enjoy sweet foods and some find them harder to resist at this time of year as we prepare ourselves for winter. In days gone by, this was a vital survival mechanism because it ensured we ate enough of the right kinds of foods to keep us sustained through […]

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