Gluten-free Oats?

As I was walking the dogs through the farm fields this morning, I was wondering what I should write about next. Up the hill, through a field of oats and it occurred to me that those interested in cutting out gluten from their diets might think that they MUST buy gluten-free oats, […]

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Being Sensible About the Sun

Its that time of year again that we are seeing some wonderful long, sunny days and with it comes all the adverts for staying safe in the sun and plastering on suncream. The dangers of overexposure to the sun are well documented, including sun burn, premature skin ageing and potentially […]

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Why Eat Organic?

Chemicals and pesticides routinely used in food production have been a concern to me for many years. Logic tells me that the regular, low level consumption of these chemicals can only have negative consequences to human health. Now UN human rights experts are calling for global restrictions on the use […]

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Lets Talk About Calcium

We all know calcium is essential for strong bones and teeth, but did you also know that it is used in the body to help regulate muscle contraction including the heart? It is used to help blood clot and plays a roll in the function of our hormones and enzymes – (1) a […]

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