Who am I

Nicola Nicholson

My name is Nicola and my goal is to empower parents to take control of their families’ wellbeing.

This journey started for me a number of years ago when I was having trouble conceiving my first child. Nothing was medically ‘wrong’ with me and I was told that these days it is not unusual for it to take 1 – 2 years. I was not willing to just accept this as fact, I wanted to know why and so I began my research into what factors influence fertility and what can be done about it.

The more I read, the more I realised that the factors likely responsible for this poor statistic could also be the cause of many illnesses and diseases that so many people are inflicted with today.

I began my quest to clean up my home and lifestyle and I now have 2 beautiful healthy children. I want to share the information I have learned over the years to help parents reduce the toxic burden on their families.

I am not a doctor or qualified nutritionist but I am absolutely passionate about sharing what I have learnt so that others can take control and make more informed decisions for themselves and for their families.


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